Unlocking the Potential of Web3 for the Art Community

Collaboration for a United Approach

ArtLedger is a non-profit consortium dedicated to revolutionizing the fine art industry by developing data standards that empower digital tools and will enhance all facets of today's art world.

Our mission is to unite the art ecosystem to promote market growth, liquidity, and creativity through collaborative open standards and trusted methodologies.

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Our Vision

Our membership and working groups will focus on defining the criteria for art provenance on blockchain and aligning on standards that will drive interconnectivity and elevate the value of art.

As an ArtLedger member, you will play a role in creating a vibrant, inclusive, and innovative ecosystem that transcends boundaries.

The ArtLedger Community - Empowering Art Stakeholders 

Artledger fosters conversations and innovative approaches to provide a platform for merging technology and art. Together we can achieve industry standards that will serve the art world.

Our Community:


Builds unique and beneficial relationships across our ecosystem


Establishes criteria for art provenance on blockchain


Provides key roles in shaping industry standards

We cannot build these standards without the participation of stakeholders with a diversity of interests. Connect with our community of professionals who champion a dynamic future for the art industry.

Join Us, Engage & Participate

We invite you to become a part of ArtLedger's mission to transform the fine art industry by merging technology, economic potential, and creative vision.

Whether you're a collector, gallery owner, artist, or institution, your participation and input are invaluable in shaping the future of the art world. Join us today, and help make a lasting impact on the fine art industry by developing standardization for fine art assets on the blockchain.